Topics of Interest

Main tracks
  1. Basic research in the intelligent systems area
  2. Computational methods in the intelligent systems area
  3. Intelligent systems applications
  4. Innovative materials and technologies for the intelligent systems
Main topics

The scope of interest is in the following research fields:

  • Theoretical foundation of intelligent systems
  • Logic inference and many-valued logic
  • Symbolic regression and genetic programming
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Patterns recognition
  • Fuzzy systems
  • Big data algorithms
  • Evolutionary computations
  • Bionic systems
  • Cognitive systems
  • Swarm intelligence in robotics
  • Intelligent systems in robotics
  • Intelligent aerocosmic systems
  • Intelligent life support systems
  • Intelligent decision support systems
  • Intelligent systems in bioinformatics
  • Intelligent systems hardware platform
  • Nanoengineering in intelligent systems